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BACEPOW has data bases and other archival materials which can provide information to relatives of World War II Civilian and Military POWs from the Philippines.  We have researchers and experts in pre-war Philippines, Japanese Occupation of the Philippines, and in the Liberation of Manila, and the Philippines.  We will share our resources and expertise to those who wish to learn more about their relative who lived through those dark days.  We will also help students and others who are interested in learning more about World War II in the Philippines. 


If you are writing a book or producing a film documentary, or a film dramatization, we will require that you thoroughly explain your project to us.  We may require a sample of your work.  We will assist you if we approve of your project and believe in your sincerity in spreading the true history of WW II in the Philippines.  We are not a government agency, so we do not have to answer your queries.


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Samuel L. Snyder


Commander Maurice Joses


Five Men from the US Geodetic Survey


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